Blefarix Solution

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Bottle 100 ml + 100 gauzes


It is an optimal solution for intensive cleansing of the eyelids and eyelashes, and is particularly indicated for long-term treatments or chronic conditions with a tendency to blepharitis. Applying it locally eliminates excessive scaliness and seborrhoea, intensively but safely.

Blefarix Solution is a highly effective and safe cleansing solution containing hyaluronic acid and 100 extra soft single use gauze applicators. Format which is very convenient to use and is self-dosing, with the possibility of adapting the degree of soaking as necessary, which enhances patient compliance.

Preparation: with very clean hands, moisten a gauze with Blefarix Solution, fold it over and rub it between your thumb and index finger until it foams.

Cleansing your eyelashes: fold the gauze and expose the border of the eyelid, keeping your eye wide open. Rub the gauze over your eyelid several times. Throw away the used gauze.

Cleansing your eyelids: close your eye and rub another gauze moistened with Blefarix Solution over your upper and lower eyelids and your eyelashes. Apply as often as the eyelids need cleansing. Blefarix gauzes are designed for a single use. Apply a new gauze for the other eye.


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