Saltratos DB

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100 ml tube

Skin protection and regeneration treatment for Diabetic Foot

Diabetic foot requires regular, specific care, given the possibility of different manifestations: extreme dryness, loss of sensitivity, worsening of the circulation, etc.

These situations may be the cause of infection and wounds with potential complications.

Saltratos DB is a sterilised cream that helps prevent the formation of cracks, pruritis and dryness, thus reducing the risk of any infection. Saltratos DB is applied by means of a massage, which favours the microcirculation of the diabetic foot.


  • Regenerating action: Devil's claw, used topically, as an epithelial tissue renewal agent, acts by intensely regenerating skin with severe dryness, preventing complications. It helps eliminate roughness and prevent the formation of cracks and thus reduces the risk of any infections.
  • Protective action: Jojoba oil is an excellent skin protector and an ideal component for massages, and it doesn't feel oily.

The hyaluronic acid (sodium salt) also included in the formulation is an excellent moisturiser. Its water-retention capacity also enables it to preserve cutaneous moisturisation over time, acting as a powerful protector.

With its calendula and camomile oils, it tones and comforts the feet, caring for and softening skin.

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Apply every day in the morning and evening on the upper parts of the feet and the soles and heels by repeatedly and gently massaging until it is completely absorbed (without leaving any residue).

Careful daily foot hygiene is strongly recommended, with special attention to drying and checking for any possible cuts, sores, blisters, red spots or swelling.

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