Belcils MED Moisturising Eyedrops

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10 ml bottle containing 380 drops

Complies with the sanitary product regulations

Moisturising eyedrops for the relief of mild dry eye problems. Contain 0.21% Sodium Hyaluronate. Preservative-free. Compatible with the use of contact lenses.

The application of the drops provides rapid relief from discomfort.Rapid effect and prolonged hydration, due to the high viscosity of the drops, which allows the Sodium Hyaluronate to remain longer on the surface of the eye, providing better protection.

The dropper includes a filter that ensures the product is safe to use as it prevents contamination of the liquid even after opening.

The product lasts for 6 months after opening. The design of the Belcils dropper with ring is easy and convenient, allowing the drops to be dispensed with a single movement.

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The drops can be used several times a day, as necessary. With proper use, one bottle is sufficient for 30 days of use. For prolonged use, please consult your doctor.

Apply 1-2 drops in the eye and blink several times so that the solution is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the eye. Preservative-free and therefore not harmful to the eyes. Compatible with the use of contact lenses.

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