Blefarix Wipes

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Single-dose sterile wipes 2,5 ml (20 sachets)

Single-dose sterile wipes 2,5 ml (50 sachets)

Blefarix Wipes are sterile single dose wipes, pharmacologically tested for effective, safe application and cleansing of the eyelid, palpebral margin and base of the eyelashes. Specifically for the care and hygiene of eyelids and eyelashes. With its local application, it intensively and safely removes excess flaking and seborrhoea, providing optimal cleansing of the eyelids in chronic conditions.

Blefarix Wipes are suitable for babies, children and adults.


Take a wipe out of its sachet and clean eyelids, keeping eyes closed. We recommend using one wipe for each eyelid. Massage gently to remove any particles that have become stuck; you do not need to rub hard. If necessary, the edge of the eyelid can be cleansed with one end of the wipe, taking care not to touch the eyeball. Use whenever eyelids require cleansing. Blefarix Wipes are designed for one single use, and they are supplied sterilized, to guarantee hygienic application.


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