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50 ml tube

Mastodin is a light emulsion for intensive breast and mammary care for women.

Breast tenderness and pain affect a high number of women at different stages, worsening their quality of life. These symptoms are particularly common in some situations, such as premenstrual syndrome or during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Mastodin is a light non-hormonal emulsion with a base of Gossypium herbaceum seed milk, rich in fatty acids, which reduces tenderness and provides elasticity, preventing the feeling of breast discomfort or tenderness.

In turn, the application of Mastodin by means of repetitive soft circular movements on the breasts improves drainage and local microcirculation at skin level.


Apply the product to the nipples and perform a gentle, slow and repeat circular massage on the nipples and breasts until it is fully absorbed. Use twice a day (morning and night), preferably just before going to bed, thus allowing it to act throughout the night. If necessary, it can be applied more than twice a day.


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