Rosaderm Fast

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Tube 30 g 

Rosaderm Fast is a hypoallergenic and refreshing facial gel-cream with excellent tolerance and an optimal texture delivering fast action versus transient and permanent flushing (rosacea). Rosaderm Fast is particularly formulated with active ingredients that help to treat, protect and immediately correct the most sensitive and delicate skin. Rosaderm fast brings about an increase in the resistance of the blood capillaries while also promoting facial decongestion and correcting skin redness.

It calms, protects, corrects and moisturises the most sensitive skins, promoting immediate relief of transient and/or permanent flushing (rosacea). It is a shock treatment due to its profound and rapid soothing and corrective action of facial redness, hot flashes or flushing when they present.


In transient or intermittent flushing, apply the gel-cream immediately before or after facial flushing. In permanent flushing, apply daily, morning and night. Apply to the clean skin by means of soft massages until it is totally absorbed.


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