Blefarix Vitaliser

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4 ml tube

The eyelashes protect the eyes from external aggressions. Various causes can contribute to their impairment, turning them brittle, thin or causing them to fall out. Blefarix Vitaliser is designed to maintain the integrity of the hair follicles, increasing cell anabolism.

It is a cream to moisturise and nourish the eyelashes, providing ideal conditions for the growth of strong eyelashes with a great deal of vitality. This revitalises the eyelashes, which grow strong and abundant, also preventing their deterioration. It is also able to improve the quality of the epithelium of the eyelids.

The Blefarix Vitaliser formulation contains substances proven to be effective, which contribute to the final result:

  • Panthenol (pantothenic acid alcohol or vitamin B5) is particularly indicated for the growth and preservation of eyelashes.
  • Alfa bisabolol reduces eyelid sensitisation to external aggression. 
  • Jojoba oil that lubricates the eyelid skin ensuring consistency in the eyelashes. 
  • Castor oil which is the active ingredient with an ideal penetration factor.

Continued use of Blefarix Vitaliser minimises the adverse effect of external aggressions on the eyelids and eyelashes. It is also indicated to prevent the eyelashes from falling out.


Apply a small quantity of the product to previously cleansed eyelids, using the fingertips over the eyelashes and the base of the eyelid, and massage gently. Preferably apply before bedtime, ensuring the eyes are kept closed during application.


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